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      After the share restructuring, Nanjing Sample Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sample Technology") was formally established in 2000, and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 9, 2004.

      Adhering to the mission of "intelligence creates quality life" and the values of "connection, openness and sharing", Sample Technology (HK01708) is committed to building a new IOT technology supply chain services ecosphere. Relying on the “Internet + IOT” technologies, it maintains in-depth engagement in two industrial ecospheres of "Smart Transportation" and "Smart Logistics", contributing to the construction of smart city. With industry-oriented and regional resource leaders as partners, it aims to build an open cooperation platform to gather business resources, provide users big data-based system integration, cloud supervision, customs clearance and matched financial services. It also opens up supply chain data exchange channels, collaborate and rally ecological enterprises to provide high-quality comprehensive services for small and medium-sized enterprises, jointly architecting the industrial internet platform.

The company works on integrated solutions including IOT data collection products, data decision-making and analysis platform, government affairs and public wellbeing services. It has been continuously architecting the public management and service ecosystem of smart transportation;

The smart logistics service ecosystem has been formed via adopting and accumulating IOT technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID) and video identification, as well as the whole process of logistics supervision and data service via the internet monitoring platform.


    After deep exploration and mining the explosive big data from smart transportation and logistics, Sample Cloud Data Center has been formed. At the same time, Sample Technology focuses on the supply chain service of the IOT on the basis of mature intelligent equipment, data information, transportation knots development, vehicle transport capacity management, import and export customs clearance services, etc. to empower supply chain for small and medium-sized enterprises.

      Sample Technology has embarked on a journey with the goal of "Smart Earth & Reading China". In the future, Sample Technology will rely on continuous technological innovation and large-scale technological investment to become a supply chain leader with "internet plus IOT" as its core to provide scientific and technological services. It will join hands with ecological partners to build an Internet industry platform to support and serve small and medium-sized enterprises.


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