Traffic Big Data

Networked Management System of City Intelligent Traffic

3.20 project of Nanjing public security

The plan is to improve the efficiency of road traffic and public security management, enhance the core capacity of public security organs, deepen the construction of "Safe Nanjing" and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of public security. It holds key to the social security prevention and control system and the province's "big platform" framework. The plan actively uses new technologies such as the IOT and video analysis to achieve the "three-capture and three-capability" goal of " people images capturing, cars license capturing and phone information capturing, and law offence penalty capability, crime evidence collection capability, movement profiling capability".
The plan has completed the real-time collection of 19 billion pieces of transportation vehicle data within five years, which has built a smart city operation support platform and ensured the real-time transmission of massive concurrent data. It monitors real time the running status of front-end equipment, maintains auxiliary equipment (automatic detection and alarm of equipment faults). It also safeguards the stable operation of the system. 

Nanjing Public Security Project 3.20 is the first networked urban intelligent traffic management system in China. The application of Sample Technology has introduced the first set of integrated radio frequency identification, video identification dual-frequency base station system and electronic identification in China, i.e. dual-frequency base stations are set up every 3km in the urban area and every 20km in the peripheral roads of the urban area. Radio frequency and video identification are used to realize accurate identification of vehicle identity, thus improving the reliability of vehicle identity identification, providing efficient and accurate investigation for vehicle-related cases and facilitating timely and electronic control for vehicle management. Among them, Nanjing has built 500+ dual-frequency base stations, with electronic signs covering more than 1.8 million vehicles in Nanjing. The project has been replicated and promoted to Xuzhou, Huai'an and other places.

Nanjing Public Security Project 3.20 is based on SmartOSS (Smart City Operation Support Platform). After collecting data in the front section, SmartOSS can realize massive data collection, storage, analysis and visual operation and maintenance of network, and can monitor, alarm and diagnose the integrity and authenticity of data in real time. It has a successful case of Nanjing Public Security Project 3.20, which has been in stable operation for 5 years and gathered 19 billion data points. The project effectively assists police departments such as criminal investigation, public security and transportation in addressing many heavy and serious cases. Meanwhile, the data on vehicles involved in the project also provides decision-making basis for the environmental protection departments.

This project helps the public security department to solve 1,000+cases involving vehicles every year, and helps the environmental protection department to investigate and deal with 10,000+high-pollution vehicle times every year.


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