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Smart Security Lock Project


Conforming to national standards, smart security lock is the sixth generation el-lock developed by Sample Technology based on RFID technology. It integrates microcomputer, RFID, GPS and information security technologies. It is used for container lock, external wireless communication, automatic code identification, authorization and authentication of operation instructions, lock rods sealing, whole-process safety monitoring, traceability and rapid circulation of goods. The project system realizes the automatic identification of the smart security lock by the customs and the full automatic processing of the electronic sealing, checking and unsealing processes. It simplifies customs clearance manual procedures and reduced the time from the original 15 minutes to the current 40 seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of customs clearance.  
This project is a beneficial attempt made by Sample Technology taking the opportunity of the IOT pilot services such as General Administration of Customs (Guangdong) and Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Just for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the company has released more than 16,000+security smart locks during the transportation.
Sample actively innovates the customs business management, helps the General Administration to make full use of social service resources, reduces the comprehensive cost of government operation management, greatly enhances the efficiency of customs supervision resources, and ultimately achieves the goal of safe and efficient customs supervision.


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