Smart City

Smart City Investment

Business Form

Located in Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing Digital City Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. focuses on the "Smart Transportation ecosphere", and share the market resources and technological reserve advantages of shareholder units. It is committed to partner with all stakeholders in incubating R&D institutions, innovative enterprises and new projects, gradually new business paradigm driven by  investment, center-pieced with innovative application, resource integration and construction and management services as the core.

Investment Direction

Around the Smart Transportation eco-system, the main expansion direction is autonomous driving, intelligent parking system and related fields. It will integrate high-quality social resources, advance the technology, and contribute to the industry-university-academia demonstration areas and industrial areas.

Cooperation Methods

With the principle of "sharing advantages, integrating resources, seeking common innovation and win-win cooperation" and the main method of "equity investment", the company is open-minded in its cooperation with all sectors of society. Through cooperation in capital support, market expansion, technology sharing and company operation, the brand-new public-private partnership will be gradually built for innovative development in the field of urban smart transportation.


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